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Shimmer Star Shines Forever!

Shimmer Star Shines Forever!

She truly was a Coney Island baby and loved it & all of you with all her heart! 💔💔💔

It is with tremendous sadness that we must tell you that everyone’s favorite Lola Star Shop Doggie, Shimmer Star, passed away last week. She loved all of you so so much! It was truly one of the greatest joys of her life to shower you with kisses at our shops and then go for long walks on the beach at the end of the day. She loved Coney Island. As soon as she’d get out of the car she’d jump for joy when she realized where she was. Then she would strut down the boardwalk like she owned the place.

Shimmer truly was my support and constant companion in everything I’ve achieved in the past 14.5 years. I honestly could not have done it without her loyal support and unconditional love. She was my best friend through all the triumphs and disappointments. I can hardly imagine life without her. Especially now. With all the immense challenges.

Thank you for loving little Miss. Shimmer Star thought the 14.5 years her beautiful soul graced the Coney Island boardwalk with her joyous presence.

May her spirit live on forever in every shimmering firework, carnival light, ocean sparkle and glitter in every joyous eye in Coney Island. She truly was a Coney Island baby and loved it & all of you with all her heart.