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The Lola Star Dream was born to a soundtrack of roller disco tunes blasting from her pink 80s boom box as she roller skated around her basement dressed in her grandmother's fringed flapper dress, dreaming of one day living in a world full of colorful showgirls, seaside carnival wonders and fabulous roller disco parties.     

Lola followed this dream on a wild adventure and began designing, hand making and selling tee shirts on tour with the Grateful Dead and at underground raves across the country.   Her dream led her to find her home in the burlesque, club kid, roller disco, Coney Island carnival world of New York City.    

She continued to pursue her life goal of filling the world with apparel, accessories and gifts infused with magic, joy and empowerment. After opening her first shop in 1992, Lola has opened 7 retail shops and launched her fabulous online boutique.     

Lola is also the creative mastermind and roller disco queen boss of Dreamland Roller Rink.  She currently hosts a weekly themed, dress up roller disco party in Prospect Park, Brooklyn and creates pop up Dreamland Roller Rinks around the country.  

Our Lola Star mission is to fill the world with celebration, community, empowerment and compassion though the handmade items we sell and the magical shopping experience we cultivate for our guests.