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Cypress Hill Brooklyn NYC Home Latte Mug

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One of the positive things to come out of the hardships of the pandemic is a strong sense of home that many people feel.  The pandemic has resulted in more time at home so many have developed stronger bonds with neighbors, a stronger sense of community and stronger sense of home.  One of the things that makes NYC the greatest place on earth is the diverse patchwork of neighborhoods that compose this city.  Each one possessing a different vibe but the magical magnetism is always uniquely electric and undeniably NYC.  This collection celebrates the strong sense of love, home and community that we all feel towards our neighborhoods.  It’s a perfect gift for those who have moved away and still long to hold a piece of home in their heart (and hand) or for the person still at home, loving where they live!  It's perfect for the person whose actual home OR metaphorical home is right here!


For almost a quarter of a century local artist, Lola Star, has captured the magic of New York City in her designs.  Each of her uniquely creative New York inspired designs captures the heart and soul of her beloved home on super high quality apparel, glassware and accessories.

Every item is hand printed with love, just for you, in our sunny, rainbow colored, disco ball adorned, music filled Lola Star Art Studio in Brooklyn, New York.


  • Local New York Artist Designed
  • Hand Printed with love at the Lola Star Art Studio
  • Dishwasher safe
  • high quality, sturdy, lightweight, metal camp mug
  • Brooklyn Collectors Item
  • Made in Brooklyn, New York
  • Perfect New York Gift or Gift for New York City lover
  • Heart, soul & love poured into each product
  • You are supporting a local artist with every purchase